This blog is a fictional story written in installments. I try to write most days, and to follow the story you need to read the posts in the order that they are written. I have long wanted to write a book but was never able to devote the time needed. I decided to write my story a little at a time, as this would help me develop my writing discipline and writing skills. Writing one post a day is a lot less daunting than trying to write a book all in one go!

This is the first time I have shared my writing with anyone and I was quite nervous about doing so as I have no idea how it will be received. Please feel free to comment on my writing or offer advice, as feedback would be very useful to me whilst I am learning. This is also the first time I’ve written a blog so you may have to be patient at times, as I get my head around the technical side of my website!

The two dogs are real and their daily escapades serve as a basis for the posts. I have given the dogs characteristics which reflect their different personalities.



Monty The Great

Monty’s character is that of a retired army officer. In real life he is quite stubborn and a little serious. He’s quite bolshy with other dogs and is top dog in the house, but out in the real world is a little unsure of himself and is easily unsettled by loud noises, traffic, crowds and anything he hasn’t seen before! He likes routine and his character in the story is based on the premise that although he is retired, he still thinks and behaves as if he’s in the army.







Little Chicken

Chicken’s character is carefree and bubbly, and very much like a child. She has boundless energy and doesn’t take anything seriously. She’s very cheeky and the opposite of Monty in most ways. In real life she’s incredibly happy and loves attention. She adores playing and won’t be left out of anything. She has a bit of separation anxiety and doesn’t like being more than a few feet away from me, but I’m working on that!




The Fairy is me, but I do not figure highly in the story. I’m more of a narrator, used to explain what is really going on when it is necessary.






He is an archaeologist and appears from time to time, particularly when Monty needs advice about his garden. He’s willing to play along with Monty’s schemes to some extent, but isn’t frightened of telling it like it is. In real life he’s my son and is an archaeologist, and Monty adores him because he plays roughly with him when he comes home, which Monty loves.







There are various other characters, like Bob at the Council, who we hear about through Monty or Chicken. They play a part in the developing saga but don’t write any posts themselves.


Big Rabbit


Big Rabbit is a dog owned by my parents who we visit regularly. Greyhounds sometimes mistake little dogs for rabbits when they retire, as they usually haven’t come into contact with any other breed of dog until they leave the kennels. All they see is a fluffy thing moving quickly, and it takes them a while to work out that they are dogs, and not to be chased. This is usually the only reason why greyhounds wear muzzles out of doors, as by nature they are gentle and friendly.


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