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192. Monty-troll – by Chicken

BOOM! BOOM! CHICKY! Monty big bum bum bum bum poo!

The Fairy did go aways on holibobs without me and then she did go on holibobs and she did come back. Then she did say that she had all been to No-way so she did not go anywheres because when I did ask her she said no way.

I was all excited happy when she did come home and she did bring me a present which was a little toy of my Monty.



Monty did say Ugly Cats could be in the cabinet and I did say he should be all thinking about the big Prime Ministers jobs instead of choosing furniture with stupid Ugly Cats.

My new friend Monty-Troll wants to be in the cabinet as well so he can all scare Ugly Cats when he is in there, but Monty did say trolls were very not allowed to be in the new cabinet. So I did say that when I is Prime Ministers I is going to let trolls go everywhere and Monty did say that when I is the Prime Ministers that I will all have to be more grown up.


It is not me messing about looking in a IKEA catalogue doing furniture shopping for a cat.


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191. Final Preparations Underway – by Monty

I am fully aware that I have not been as visible over the last few weeks as I ordinarily like to be. I will not make excuses. Suffice it to say that a rather ill-timed and selfish holiday taken by The Fairy is partly to blame, although she has been back now for over four weeks.

With regards to the election, much progress has been made. Chicken made a rather good point at a meeting recently, which was well attended by every single member of our party. That is to say, both of us.

She pointed out quite rightly (and rather surprisingly considering her general level of awareness of the world outside of her own little bubble) that we would need to have enough members to actually form the Government once we are elected. Whilst I firmly believe that I am more than capable of running the country entirely on my own, I also know the value of delegation.

I am particularly skilled at delegating so have agreed an expansion of party membership with the other current member, Chicken. The negotiations were not the easiest I have ever taken part in, but did eventually come to an end with the following result:

The next cabinet will consist of the following MPs:

Deputy Prime Minister: Big Ted. He is no stranger to responsibility, as I always leave him in charge when Chicken and I are out.

Defense Minister and Head of MI6: Ugly Cat. A controversial appointment as far as Chicken is concerned, but he does have a good spy network already in place.

Chancellor of the Exchequer: Mrs Magpie.

Health Minister: Mr Hedgehog. But only on the condition that he attends meetings unaccompanied. (Fleas.)

Education Ministers: Two pigeons and a rather boring looking garden bird.

Noise Prevention Minister: Miss Mouse.

Minister in charge of saying stupid things which results in the Undermining of Public Confidence In the Government: Mr Fox. (I objected to this concept in the strongest terms, but as Chicken pointed out – every Government has to have at least one.)

All cabinet ministers will be issued with megaphones for use during meetings, as under new regulations (which will come into effect immediately upon our election) they will not be allowed to enter my garden. All said megaphones will have a maximum volume level of 1, to prevent contravening new Noise Level Laws which the Noise Prevention Minister will bring in.

There are only a few days left now until Chicken and I become Prime Ministers, so we are busy making preparations. I am pleased to report that Chicken is taking the whole process seriously.

Monty The Great


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