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263. DinoChicken! by Chicken

I is not Little Chicken anymore. I is now DinoChicken the hero rescuer of everything.

The Fairy did get me a special dinosaur costume because I is special and when I does put on my dino costume I does become DinoChicken doing the rescuing.

Last week I did do rescuing of the roast chicken. I did go into the food kitchen and did see the roast chicken on the plate and it was nearly going to could have fallen off the plate onto the floor and then it would hurt itself on the floor because the floor was hard. I did quickly as possible put my dino costume on and did become DinoChicken! Then I did rush back into the food kitchen and did suddenly all of a sudden rescue the roast chicken with my mouth and I ate it. Then the roast chicken was all safe from falling on the floor and getting hurt and I was a hero.

The Fairy was super impressed and then she did have vegbles and potatoes and gravy for tea and she didn’t have any roast chicken because I had already rescued it. So I win.


DinoChicken to the rescue again!

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