180. I’m Too Sexy For My Blog – by Monty


I just can’t stop being attractive.

I have been away for quite a while as I have been very busy carrying out my official duties. You will be glad to know that I am back on track now, I’m sure. We have had one or two incidents of concern with regards to injuries, but nothing serious.

1. I had a rather large corn on my front foot, but this has now gone completely, thank goodness.

I had to go through the routine of explaining to Chicken that it wasn’t corn on the cob that I had not shared with her. She didn’t believe me.

2. Chicken got her tail trapped which caused her a lot of pain, though thankfully it wasn’t broken.

The Fairy was very upset as it was her fault and I was quite happy with that situation. Chicken however, also wanted me to take some of the blame, citing my large bottom as being partially responsible. I dispute this entirely.

3. My foot has two rather large cuts on it.

Nobody knows how they got there. They are very painful, but I don’t like to complain. Luckily, my race track is full of soft, wet mud so I can still complete my daily workout.

4. The Chicken’s Sick Incident of 18.02.17.

This requires a full and thorough explanation, so I intend to write a report about it, which I will share with you as soon as.

Monty The Great

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4 thoughts on “180. I’m Too Sexy For My Blog – by Monty

  1. It does sound like there have been some issues over there. I like corn on the cob. Just sayin’.

    Love and licks,

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  2. Monty you’re back. Chicken too. Excellent. You have been missed. I am quite well – and loving my coconut oil massages. X

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