266. We’ve Met Again – by Chicken

Fat Monty met me at the gates.

St Peter said I could all have whatever I wanted so I got a bikini and then he ran away straightaway. Then I did see my Monty waiting for me!

I did do running up to him and he did do running up to me and I did give him big snogs. We did do bouncing about and I knocked Monty on the floor and he was on his back on the floor and he was all wiggling and trying to get up so I helped him by kicking him and then he could get up. I am helpful.

I am sad that The Fairy is not with me but Monty donty did say that we could watch over her so that is better. Monty was looking all extra handsome and he is young and strong and he has no grey bits and his bottom is still big and his head is still big. He is my Monty.

Monty did take me to do super fast running and then we did have the best sleep ever in the comfiest bed ever. We is back together!


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2 thoughts on “266. We’ve Met Again – by Chicken

  1. Jan swan

    We were so sad to hear about Chicken, but delighted that she has been reunited with Monty. They will certainly be watching over you. Your posts bring such joy, we often read through the older ones. I hope writing like this brings you some comfort. Love Norman and Rosie xx


  2. Watching over The Fairy is critical important work for you two. In between having a ton of fun cavorting around, of course.

    Love and licks,


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