49. I Wants My Extra Time Every Year – by Chicken

Yesterday was all an extra special day because it was an extra day. I was all going to do good funner things with my extra day and then do all good funner things with my extra day nextest week as well. But Monty did all spoil it by saying I wasn’t allowed an extra day again for another four years! He spoilses everything.


Me myself having funner extra day

He did gibber on about every year getting a quart test day more but they won’t let us all have it so they save it up and give us it all in one go every four years and I did say this was unfair and I did want my extra quart test every year from now on. Monty did say I couldn’t do that because then there would be a day that ended before I got up and then we got all in an argument because he is always talkering rubbish that I don’t understand.

Monty is all grumpy because he did his trench wrong and I did remind him that my betterer trench was not near the fence so I win. Then Monty did go all more grumpy and I did keeps going with my extra fun day being extra happy.

Monty did go in his bed and did say he was all having to work on his new plan for my garden, but I do know that he was all sulking.

Chicken xxx

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