100. History Spider – by Chicken

Yesterday I dids ring Arky to tell him about the swimming spider, and then I dids tell him that Monty was all being slow at getting married. Arky said that I should all try being extra nice to big Monty and I did say I would bakes him a cake. Then Arky did say that spiders is very important and that he knew a history story about a spider that would help me keeps trying to be being married and helps me to be paint shirt and then he did tell me this history story about the history spider:

All upon the once time in the history time, the big history King did fast running until he did find a big cave. Then he did sit down in the middle of the cave and put the telly box on. But he all didn’t know that the cave belonged to the biggest biggerer spider in the whole world. The spider wanted to go shoppering to gets some sausages and a new toy, but the big King was all in the way.


History spider

The spider did shout at the King to get lost, but the King didn’t hear him so he waved all his leggy legs around and then the King did see him. But the King didn’t get out the way so the spider had a gooder idea. He did know that people is all scared of spiders dropping on them, so he did decide to be pretending that he was all going to drop on the King and go in his mouth. So the spider dropped down a bit on the silk just like Spider-Man and the King did see him, but he didn’t get out the way. So the spider did climb up again and did drop again to frighten the King again so he would all get out the way.

Then the spider did gets a bit angry because the King still didn’t move out the way, and the spider did all have to climb back ups again and drop down again and it all did takes a long time. When the spider had dropped down nine times and the King still hadn’t moved, the spider did shout at him and did throw a shoe at him which he had stolen from Ugly Cats but the King just did the staring all the time and none of the getting out the way. All the spider’s legs were tired so he all did decide to give up and just walk across the ceiling instead.

As soon as the spider started all the long walks on the ceiling, the big history King did stand up and go out the cave and get out the way. Then the spider did go swimming instead because all the shoppy shops were closed. THE END

So I did thinks about this and then I did more thinking and did decide that being paint shirt was stupid and then I dids decide to bake Monty a cake and then I is going to tell him that if he doesn’t marry me soon I is all going to put a spider in his bed.

Then Arky did say that that was not all his spider story at all and ifs I did tell the peoples that he had all said that, his repute station as a historical history man would be ruined and he would all have to go and live in a cave.

So I dids tells him that I all wouldn’t tell anyone and Arky did say he would cooks sausages for me.

Chicken xxx


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