102. Burnt Foody Day – by Chicken

Today is a big important day because we is all having a Barbie Que. Clever Monty did tells me all about the big food being cooked on the fire coal and that doggies get more food than normals. He did say that it was the law that any foods which do fall on the floor, belong to the doggies. Sausages do fall a lot because they is difficult to hold. He said people like to burn foods over the coals because it all does remind them of when they were cavemen. I did ask him if greyhounds used to before live in the caves, and he did say we only lived with big posh royal people, and that our ant sisters wouldn’t be seen dead in a cave. Monty did say that he will tell Bob from the Council to all do the food burning, because he will be rubbish at keeping hold of the sausages and we will all gets loads more food off the floor. He is so clever. Monty did say he will all be in charge of the safety.

Yesterday in the morning, we dids find a new walk. We did walking on the path for a bit, and then on the way back we did walk through the woods up the hill. The Fairy did complain but me and Monty did enjoy it and then when we did come out the woods, we was all at the top of a steep hill. But there was a bigger tree which was having a sleep on the path. The Fairy did climb over it and then all of a sudden me and Monty was at the wrong other side of the tree. There was a gappy gap under it but it wasn’t very big, so I did jumped over it all easy because I is like a kangaroo. So then Monty was on his own alone on the wrong side.

Monty did wait for the man to come and all move the tree but he didn’t come and I did say hurry up slow coach because I dids want to all run down the hill. Monty did say he was all going to assess the situation first. So then he did look underneath but his big bottom wouldn’t go through. Then he did look over the top but it was too scary high. Then he did walk along it to see if there was all a door somewhere. Then he did check the angles and the wind direction and the temperature of the tree, and then The Fairy did say we would have to go back because she couldn’t all pick up a 36 kilometre dog. So I did say stop messing about fatty and get over the tree.

Then all of a suddens big, strong Monty did jump over the log and we was all pleased but Monty couldn’t stop so we all had to run down the hill. But I dids jump over the tree first, so I win.


Chicken xxx

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6 thoughts on “102. Burnt Foody Day – by Chicken

  1. I think you were both very courageous to jump over the sleeping tree. (All 3 of you, actually!) But you’re right, C – First dog over WINS! Well done.

    Love and licks,

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  2. Monty is one unusual boy – my chum Ted would have spent two hours weeing on it!!!! Xx

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    • Monty is all distraught now because he didn’t think to do weeing on the biggest tree. He did say Ted sounds like his kind of dog.
      Love Chicken 🐾

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  3. Hey,,,hi ..how are you???


  4. Hello! I’m fine thank you. I hope you are enjoying a rest after doing all that studying.
    Tess 🐾


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