104. And The Winner Is ….. – by The Fairy



Monty has won the Annual Shoplifting Competition, despite the fact that he hasn’t been with me a year yet.

I have always had to keep food out of his reach, and he is partial to rummaging through shopping bags, but yesterday he surpassed himself.

He found, stole and then opened a £10 pack of rump steak. He took a 400g raw steak for himself, and left the other one for Chicken. He was incredibly pleased with himself: no sign of guilt at all.

I had cheese sandwiches.

The Fairy

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4 thoughts on “104. And The Winner Is ….. – by The Fairy

  1. Well Done Monty. US girls like a chap who knows how to treat us to steak😀🐾

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    • I do my best Daisydog, I do my best. I can see now why I am so attractive. It is a burden I have to bear.
      Monty The Irresistible 🐾


  2. Oh yeah, M. You nailed it! AND even shared! What a good doggie!

    Love and licks,

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  3. Sometimes I impress even myself. Though this time I may have made a rod for my own back. Chicken got up this morning and ordered lobster. I have no idea how to sort that out!
    Monty The Perplexed 🐾


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