210. Does You Know Yeuna? – by Chicken

A time ago on Thursday The Fairy did go out without me which is all not allowed and she did go out. Me and my Monty did go to Grandma and Grandad’s house.



When The Fairy did come back she did say that she had met a little greyhound girly called Yeuna who is more littler than me. She did say that Yeuna had come from the Daybreakfast Kennels which is in the land of Birmingham which is all not near No Way, so I does know that she is not a troll. She did have a first name called Sooty and I did have a name first which was all not Chicken but greyhounds is good at having loads of names and getting new names when we do retiring.

The Fairy did say that Yeuna was very beautiful and very girly and I did reminding her that I was beautiful too. I did decides to play with Yeuna but The Fairy did say that her lovely mum and dad and big brother wouldn’t let her come home to be in my house because they did love her too much. Bum.


Smiley girl

All the doggies at the Breakfast In The Day Kennels are all looking for lovely homes and if peoples lived in the land of Birmingham and they did want to fall in love with a greyhound and take the greyhound home that they could read the pages on the internetty and go and visit The Daybreaks Kennels.


The Fairy did say that Yeuna did wagging her tail and she did jumpy jumps because she is very happy and she is playing all the time. She is still young not as old as me but she is all still a proper greyhound even though she is younger.


Happy with her lovely family



I is going to look after my big Monty now because he is poorly. He is limping on his poorly footy and he did say he had all sustained a rather serious work related strain injury and I did say that was all not true and he just had a poorly foot.

I is going to make it betterer by doing jumpy jumps on it. BOOM! BOOM!



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9 thoughts on “210. Does You Know Yeuna? – by Chicken

  1. Mum and me are very pleased to see you Chicken and Monty too of course. I am from Daybreaks like pretty Yuena – but of course am now at the seaside and not in Birmingham. I am 11. And a bit slower. Just like mum. Happy wags for an autumn full of big piles of leaves to runs about in. Excellent. Xx

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  2. Jumpy-jumps sound like just the thing for a poorly foot. You are such a helpful girl. You should’ve been a doctor. Yuena seems like a happy doggie. It is so good that she has retired and found such a lovely, loving, happy home, just like you and Monty. Mom loves greyhound doggies and thinks you all look like deer, which are sweet and gentle and beautiful. Where does that leave me??? I am naughty and wild and have a lot of crooked, mismatched parts. #notagreyhoundbyamile

    Love and licks,

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    • 😂😂😂You are the prettiest non-greyhound ever; you can teach children; sleep in the street (which is an art); catch scary snakes; you have fabulous dress sense, and you make everybody smile! AND – you are in our gang.
      Monty and Chicken ❤️🐾❤️

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