14. An unfortunate poo incident – by Chicken

Chicky chicky BOOM BOOM seen some snow.

Today it was all coldy cold but we all did still go out. When it got to nearly bed time we told The Fairy that it is time to go out again and I did be her helper when she was putting on her walks boots. Because it was dark and coldy we put on big coats. We has special lights on so we is disguised as lamp posts and can sneak up on cats.

When we got to a dark part of our walk I did decide to do a wee so everybody had to stop. Monty did get all bored so he pushed past me to sniff something smelly. His lead did get caughted under my bum and then I did change my mind and did a poo instead.

The Fairy did see this and pulled his lead but my tail was making it stuck so when it snapped up all quickly, the poo did smack onto Monty’s coat. Then his lead on purpose went on my beautiful coat so I also had poo on as well, and when The Fairy got his lead off my coat she had poo on her hand as well and didn’t cope.

Monty is thicky so didn’t notice anything and I was secretly laughing and The Fairy whined all the way to my house. It is her big job to clean all up when we make mess so she got off the poo and put our coats in the whirly machine and Monty couldn’t get into it because his bottom is too big. Now we has to stay up to wait for the whirly machine to give us our coats back so they can be all dry for tomorrow.

Monty still smellses of wee. BOOM! BOOM!


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