16. Emergency cleaning – by Monty

Arky-Ollie-Just is coming tomorrow so The Fairy has embarked on an emergency cleaning spree. Chicken is helping by laying out every single toy in the house and is currently throwing them about everywhere in an attempt to organise them. I do not hold out much hope for her, seeing as she is incapable of organising her own thoughts, never mind anything else.

For my own part, I’m offering emotional support to both of them from my position on the settee. I did contribute earlier when I brought in some mud from the garden to help guide The Fairy with the vacuum cleaner. I believe she was very pleased to have my assistance.

Whilst out in the garden I did notice some changes to my trench. I’ll admit to being a little confused by this as I know that I haven’t carried out any work on it in the last few days. Arky-Ollie-Just has agreed to survey the site with me tomorrow so will hopefully shed some light on the situation.

Our visit to Big Rabbit’s house went well. I was singled out for special treatment and was the only one to receive a present. I presume this is due to my status and perhaps also in acknowledgement for all the assistance that I provide. I was presented with a beautiful wide belt which was comfortable and also matched my collar. At the risk of sounding boastful, I looked very dashing and believe that I was admired by Big Rabbit and Chicken, who looked on with envy.


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