21. Footyball is silly – by Chicken

BOOM! BOOM! Chicky, Chicky, chick, chick, chick! I is up!

Big handsome Monty has all been playing with me all of the time and then he did kiss me once so he is my bestest boyfriend again. I is helpering him to dig his big tunnel but it is all a secret because it is a big surprise for him for Valentine’s Day, when I will tell him and he will be all pleased and kiss me again.

The Fairy started her New Year Revolutions yesterday so we is all having to get fit. She did get us two big playing balls but I think she has been ripped off because they don’t work. They all do nothing and The Fairy is pushing them about by hand. I is thinking she needs to get new batteries.

Monty says they are for him to use on his own in the garden, and he is saying they are not toys and they have been invented for weeing on but he misses anyway. The Fairy said we can all play footyball so we all did learn how to do it by watching Liverpool FC on the tellybox at the weekend.

The best bit I did see was Clipperty Klopp running on the pitch at the end. He was all being like me and one day I is marrying him.

It is silly game otherwise, because everybody tries to get rid of the footyball as soon as they get it, and they give it to other people on the pitch but this is silly. If I all gets it I is NEVER giving it to anyone else on purpose, because it’s mine. All toys are mine.

Also, they did forget to move the big baskets before the game did start, and every time the footyball did go near them it got stuck in the net and everybody did all have to stop and wait for someone to get it out. Everybody did shout loudly when this did happen but they still didn’t move them out the way. This did happen nine times!

If I had been a Liverpool supporter I would have demandeded my money back.

Chicken xxx


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