25. Windy Monty – by Chicken


Brave Monty

Today in the morning The Fairy did all get us out of bed early to go for a windy walk before breakfast because she is all still getting fitterer. It is not coldy but the big wind did try to knock us over but we is all too strong. Monty wanted to stay in his big comfy bed but I decides he has to come with us to get more fitter too, because he is being a bit chubby now.

Me and The Fairy did laugh all the time because big wind is funny but Monty Bum Bum was scaredy cat and frightened of the noise. I did say that he should stop being all a baby and that his wind was much more noisy and he said that was a bit harsh but I said it is true.

He did try to get back home quickly fast and pulled and pulled to make us go quickerer. He did kept saying that he was just tired and wanted to go back to bed and I did say that was a porky pie and also I did say if it was true, it serves him right for sitting up all night using the big computerer.

Now we is back in and waiting for food and I is then going to look after Monty because I love him. BOOM! BOOM!

Chicken xxx



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