24. Porta-Loo Day – by Monty


imageThe Fairy and Chicken are both in bed so I have taken the opportunity to do some work on the computer in peace. I was unable to speak with Simon at the Department of Energy & Climate Change today, due to the fact that he is on holiday. I did ask for his mobile number but his secretary said it was not policy to give out personal information of that nature. He didn’t seem to have any objections to me trying to find it out for myself however, and sportingly wished me ‘good luck with that one.’

Thursday is one of my favourite days of the week for a variety of reasons so I have been in a good mood all day. Actually I gave myself the day off and spent most of my time playing and having fun with Chicken and Big Rabbit. It was nice to have a break from the usual responsibilities which fall on my shoulders, and I believe I’m beginning to appreciate the wisdom of Chicken’s policy of not taking life too seriously. I will do some further research on the topic and possibly send a copy of my findings to the Council. (I may have to deliver some staff training on the topic at some point in the future, but that is quite within my capabilities as long as I am provided with a computer which has PowerPoint.)

Anyway; back to Thursdays. What separates Thursday from the rest of the days, is that this is the day the local community comes together to show its appreciation to me. As any man will tell you, relieving oneself whilst out in a public area can be problematic at times, and it is heartwarming to know that my friends and neighbours will go out of their way to make this a little easier for me.

Thursday you see, is Porta-Loo Day. Nearly everybody wheels out a portable toilet for me to use. They leave them conveniently at the side of the pavements and alternate weekly between the green, brown and burgundy ones lest I become bored. The Council always sends a large truck and a small army of men to help position any that are out of place, which is very helpful, if a little noisy. I try to wee on every single one so that everybody knows how grateful I am and nobody feels left out. It’s the least I can do for such lovely people.

Long live community spirit!



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