35. Trumping competition – by Chicken

I is all mad because the ugly cats keeps sitting on my fence and looking at me with a mean face. He wants to come into my house but I is saying he is not coming in because he doesn’t like me. All the time I has to look at the fence in case he is coming to plan a plot against me. I tell Monty that the ugly cats wants to steal my toys but Monty cannot see him because he is slow at looking. He is all saying that I am seeing things but I know that ugly cats is clever at being sneaky.


Mirror Monty

Today I was all comfy cosy on my own settee on my own. Then The Fairy did come and sit next to me and then big Monty did sit next to her so I did not have my settee to myself alone anymore. Then smelly Monty did trump and he was smelling so The Fairy did get up and all go to sit somewhere else away from the smell. Then I did learn this was a good idea so I did trump and then Monty did get up and go in his basket and The Fairy did go out the room completely to the food kitchen. Monty was sulking because my trump was better than his. So I win.

Then I did all have my own settee back to myself.

Monty has not noticed my good ICT skills with the iPaddy camera yet, but I think he will be very impressed with how betterer I am at using it.

Chicken xxx

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