39. Not Poorly Monty – by Chicken

Monty Bum Bum is all jealous of the extra good attention I is getting from The Fairy because I is hurt, so he has all made up his own injury and did start to hop about today. He did say that his foot was hurty but I thinks he is just trying it on.

The Fairy did think he was hurty though, so she did all take care of his foot and did rub it for him and check it for stuck things. He has not got any blood anywhere on him so I win because I has got blood everywhere.


No tin opener!

Today The Fairy did go out hunting and came back to my house with all food in the bags. Monty is gooder at getting the food from the bags than I is, so he did all attack the bags. We did run into the big room with a bread loaf and The Fairy did all run after us and I did notice that Monty porky pie did have nothing wrong with his foot then. When The Fairy did go back into the food kitchen Monty did steal another food bit from the bag and took it to his big bed. Then he did all sulk like a baby because he all could not eat the food without a tin opener. I did laugh and say he did make a mistakes with choosing the wrong food which he couldn’t eat, and he did say he did not makes a mistakes and was all just saving it for later. Monty Bum Bum pants on fire!


Chicken xxx

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