56. Why Don’t Tiny People Like Bread? – by Monty


Allowing Chicken to touch me

Chicken is, for some reason, convinced that she is now a film star. We went on our daily walk around the lake yesterday and she offered everyone her autograph. Most people were polite enough to humour her and the dogs that we met were very impressed. The ducks however, just laughed. I told them in no uncertain terms to go and jump in the lake. I have added ducks to my list of undesirable birds.

The tiny people were out in force. It appears that many of them do not like bread, as they had brought it with them and were throwing it into the lake and all over the paths. I never like to see good food go to waste, so Chicken and I ate as much of it as we could.

It has been very warm recently so instead of working we have been out playing. This has allowed me to keep the garden clear of pigeons and cats. I do not want my Mud Head Project being interfered with by the local wildlife so it is imperative that I keep an eye on their activity. I have decided to model my first mud head on Bob at the Council. I will need to contact him to ask his permission, as I do not want to fall foul of any copyright laws with regards to copying his face. The last thing I want is any more bad feeling between us.


Grandma made a cake

It was The Fairy’s birthday at the weekend so Grandma made me a cake. We all pretended that it was for The Fairy though, as we didn’t wish to upset her on her special day. I dropped my usual one metre exclusion zone with Chicken, and allowed her to sit on the large greyhound bed with me, in a display of friendship. She appreciated this act of charity.


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