58. A Day Out – by Chicken


Looking all beautiful at the big ocean

Yesterday we all did go to the seaside with Grandma and Grandad and Big Rabbit. It was the first time I was all seeing the sea and it was biggerer than anything else in the whole world! I did think that we went to the big ocean every day but Monty did say that was just a lake and not that bigger really.

There was lots of smelly things on the beach to smell and we did both smell everything. Monty did teacher me all about the waves and stones and then he did make a joke about the sea weeing, but I didn’t understand why it was funny that the sea weed. Monty did say that he doesn’t know why he bothers sometimes.


Monty looking after me when the big ocean chased me with its water

Monty said that the seaside is where people go when it is windy, because every time it is windy he has been to the beach. He also did say that once you are at the sea you are not allowed to leave until you have eaten something that comes out the sea. The people all eats fish and chippies but yesterday me and Monty and Big Rabbit all got a sausage each. I did say that sausages do not come out the sea because they is all made of piggies.

Monty did say he was pleased that I was all cleverer enough to know this, but then he said that I was not as cleverer as him because he also did know that piggies do swim in the sea.

I did say this was rubbish but Monty did say he had seen it on the Discovery Channel so it all was true. I did then ignore him and eat my swimming-sea-piggy sausage quickerer than him, and then I did eat half of Big Rabbit’s sausage so I had more than Monty so I win.


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