65. Happily Easter – by Chicken

My favourite best thing in the whole world is toys. I is all lucky because the Easter Bunny did all bring me a new crunchy toy which is all mine. I did all make loads of crunchy noise with it for hours. Monty did get an orange blob toy and I did say mine was betterer than his.

But then it was not betterer than his, because his new toy is all alive so I wants it. I did remind Monty that I wanted to all have a pet first before he did, so he should gives it to me. But Monty did say that the Easter Bunny trusted him to look after the alive orange blob because he was soup area to me.

I will all have to just wait until big Monty all gets bored. Then I will have alive orange blob to myself as my pet. I is going to call him Alive Orange Blob.

Happily Easter everyone! Here is my new joke:

Two oranges go into a bar. One says to the other, “Your round.”


Chicken xxx

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2 thoughts on “65. Happily Easter – by Chicken

  1. Oh boy! I see what you mean about the orange blob. That thing is a keeper. Crunchy toys are great, but alive toys beat all! Monty has to fall asleep sometime…. If you know what I mean….

    Love and licks,

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  2. “Monty has to fall asleep sometime.” That is all hilarious! Girls together.
    Love Chicken BOOM! BOOM! 🐾


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