72. Biggerer Dinner Day – by Chicken

Yesterday in the afternoon it was big bigger dinner day. I all does love this day because we has a bigger special dinner and I gets more extra food. I did spend all morning thinking up what we might gets for special food, but I still didn’t know so it was all exciting.

I did hope that Arky-Ollie-Just would come to see me because he takes me for big walks and cuddles me, but he did all say that he was too busy with his desert station. Monty then did go on for hours and hours about the time that he was stationed in the desert. I did listen for much minutes and then did tell him to shut up because he had all not been in the desert; it was just that the track where he runned was covered in sandy sand. He then did say that I was too young to understands and I did reminded him that I was olderer than him, and he did say that I looked it and I did kick him in the head.


My extra York puddings 

Then The Fairy did all bring the biggerer big dinner and we all did eat the extra foods up. After dinner we all did get extra extra foods because there was left over puddings left over. The Fairy did give me two York puddings and then she did give big Monty two York puddings. I did decide that Monty did not all want his York puddings so I did take them for me myself.

Monty did then go into the food kitchen all crying to The Fairy and looking all sad, so she did come out the food kitchen and gave snitchy Monty his York puddings back. I did tell him that he was all a wimp, but he did say he was a great leader and I did agreed that he was a FART leader and then he was happy.

BOOM! BOOM! Farty Monty Bum Bum!

Chicken xxx

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2 thoughts on “72. Biggerer Dinner Day – by Chicken

  1. There can never be big enough big foods for me! Extra ANYTHING is always a plus. Well done, kids.

    Love and licks,

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  2. We is thinking the same way!
    Love Chicken 🐾


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