79. I Wants Promotion – by Chicken

It has been all sunny sunshine again and we has all been in the big garden. I does chase Monty around and I is faster than him. The Fairy hoovered the big grass and it was all noisy. Ugly Cats did come and watch me playing with my toys so I did go and shout at him. He did say that he was all going to come in my garden and I did tell him how big and strong me and Monty is.

I did tell Ugly Cats about our patrol and how we is all getting ready to catching the ill eagle fracking people and that Bob and Dave was all doing it as well. Ugly Cats said that he could all do a patrol betterer than us and I did all laugh at him because he is not cleverer enough to all do a patrol like Monty. Ugly Cats did say he could help and I did say get lost and then Ugly Cats did all get angry and go away.


Rubbish criminal 

Monty in the afternoon did go in a bag and gets a sausage roll and The Fairy said, “Where’s my sausage rolls?” Monty did say he didn’t know but The Fairy did know that it was him, and she did say Monty wouldn’t make a very good criminal. I did laugh but then I did not laugh because I did not gets a sausage roll.

Then I did tell Monty that I did want to be in charge next time on the secret patrol, but Monty did say that I all couldn’t do it because I lacked the necessary level of concentration required. I did say that I all did have many concert station so Monty did say I should prove it by writing a report about our first patrol. So I did write my betterer report abouts it:

We did all sets off together in the night time. Monty sausage did go at the front and I did walks next to him with the sausage. In the dark on the sausage corner with the sausage in a bag. Sausage saw much cats with the sausage crumbs sausage. The sausage in the roll bag of the sausage special sausage. Bring sausage roll sausage sausages. THE END

I does all have enough concert station. BOOM! BOOM!

Chicken xxx

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2 thoughts on “79. I Wants Promotion – by Chicken

  1. Of course you’ve got it all together in your head, C. I don’t know how you can be expected to focus when there are sausages around…. Or sausages that USED TO BE around,

    Love and licks,

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