85. My Monty Lovely Bum- by Chicken

I has been all angry cross with Ugly Cat because he did all throw an old, rotty fish head in my garden. Monty did say he would tell Ugly Cat off, but I did see him this morning so I did tell him off first. I did tells him that me and big Monty were all going to make mud heads and we is going to make one of him with a big head and a big bottom. He did hiss at me and then went away all huffy and upset.

I did decides to marry Monty again, so I did go to sit with him in his bed and he didn’t gets up so we did sit together. I did tell him that we was getting married, and then he dids get up and go and hide under the table. Then I was sad. Then I did think that I would be all lovely lovely to him from now on and that then he will all wants to marry me.

When we all did go to the lake, a Puggy dog did come and play with him and she did kiss his face so I did say get lost to her. Monty did all say that it wasn’t his fault that everyone loved him and that he couldn’t help being handsome. Then he was all attacked by a mini Yorkshire Terry who did bark at his foot. Monty did just stare at it and did not know what it was. So I did all look after him by pushing in the way of the little doggie.

We did go to visit Big Rabbit and she did teacher me all how to keep cats out the garden. When we all did get home I did have a big sleep and I did dream that Ugly Cats was throwing fish at me, but I did put my tongue out at him all rude. BOOM! BOOM!

Chicken xxx

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One thought on “85. My Monty Lovely Bum- by Chicken

  1. That was some twitchy, tongue-popping dream, C. I think it is rude for a kitty to throw fish heads, even in your imagination. UglyCats didn’t get his name by accident…. Just sayin’.

    Love and licks,

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