134. Official Enquiry Finds In Chicken’s Favour

Controversy seems unavoidable for Monty The Great, as he continues his quest for gold medals at the Independent Olympic Games. Footage of the precision jumping has emerged, forcing a revision of the 15.266 score which he had been awarded on the day. By himself.

The recording clearly shows a slight hesitation before take-off and also that he did indeed put his foot down during his jump. The scoring system dictates that a penalty of 1 is deducted for each of these errors, meaning his score of 15.266 has been amended to 13.266 which puts him in second place behind Chicken’s winning score of 14.938.

Chicken said that she was pleased that the enquiry had revealed the truth, but that she was concerned that her gold medals were becoming quite heavy to carry. She said that she may need to buy a wheelbarrow to move them around.


The gloves are off

In an unpopular move, Monty The Great has cancelled the remaining gymnastics events, stating that time didn’t allow for unnecessary ‘messing around.’ He has announced that the aquatics will begin immediately, followed by the boxing tournament. When asked to comment about the revised placings  for the precision jumping, he said that he had to accept the result in good grace. Adding that the scoring system was a shambles which did not truly reflect the skills of all competitors.

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4 thoughts on “134. Official Enquiry Finds In Chicken’s Favour

  1. It’s all about the hesitation, M. I think you might’ve needed a running start for that obstacle. Good luck in your next event.

    Love and licks,

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  2. When I failed my kennel club bronze medal mum said I had done everything right but not at the right time. I had another go and got it. Mum and I liked the bronze colour better than the gold or silver so we settled for that. I love mum – and never ever wee where I shouldnt😀🐾😀🐾

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  3. Wow Daisy, that’s brilliant! I didn’t know about it so I looked it up and it seems very difficult to me. You must have worked very hard to get it. If I had a bronze medal from the Kennel Club I’d wear it on my collar every time I went out.
    Monty 🐾


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