133. Monty’s In The Dog House – by Chicken


In the dog house

My beautiful Monty big bum is in the dog house. He has all done the big weeing in the pit and I did win the digging competition and I is not going back in the pit.

We did do some more Limpets this morning, and Monty donty did win three useless sports medals.

First he did win the getting up first in the morning competition (5.01am).

Then he did get an extra medal for winning the waking up The Fairy for no good reason at 5.01am as well, when I didn’t even want to go out anyway because it’s raining cat gory (5.01am).

Then he did win the how many times can we get The Fairy to open the slidy door before 6am for no good reason because I didn’t want to go out anyway because it’s raining section (4).

Today we was all going to do the aqueducts, but it is rainy rain outside so Monty did say we hads to wait because he didn’t want to gets wet. I is looking forward to this bit, because I does love the water and I will win all the swimming competitions in my paddling pool. I have warned Monty that I will know what he’s done ifs the water turns green.

Monty did say that he was having a break from doing the Limpets because he all did have to finish the engine near me project with Arky, but I does think he is sulking because he didn’t win the digging. I am doing secret, secret training when he is not looking. BOOM! BOOM!

Chicken xxx


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4 thoughts on “133. Monty’s In The Dog House – by Chicken

  1. I never get up before 9.00am – sometimes 9.30😀🐾😀🐾. Mum and me are very well matched! Today mum has mostly been shouting at the television as all the channels have disappeared………..

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    • Nooooooooo! The television has gone off. In the middle of the Olympics. I hope it’s fixed now. I have no idea why my two get up – they do straight back to sleep as soon as they’ve woken me up. Sometimes they don’t go into the garden until 11am. I think they just want to say hello.
      Love The Fairy 🐾


  2. A nice man at the telly shop told mum how to get the channels back so all is well. I am loving the golf, as it’s the sport where there’s the best chance of seeing a squirrel. Today I am mostly being hot. Daisydog xx

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