132. Shock Exit For Top Athlete At Independent Olympic Games – BREAKING NEWS

The Independent Olympic Games is in disarray this afternoon, after one of the top athletes was disqualified from the 1m digging.

When asked to clarify the situation, The Fairy said that after a show of the upmost disrespect, Monty The Great had been totally, absolutely and irrevocably disqualified for weeing on the equipment.

She went on to say that, “It is clearly stated in the rules, that none of the apparatus is to be used as a toilet. Doing so negatively impacts on other competitors, and will not be tolerated.” 

Chicken, who was declared the winner by default, said that she was sad that her gold medal had been awarded under these circumstances, but that she intended to accept it anyway, boom, boom.

This is not the first controversy to hit the games. An official enquiry is underway after claims were made that a winning athlete had been judging himself.

Monty The Great was unavailable for comment.

Please note: this video contains footage of weeing.

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2 thoughts on “132. Shock Exit For Top Athlete At Independent Olympic Games – BREAKING NEWS

  1. Perhaps Ted and Monty could team up for the downhill weeing in the Winter Olympics?

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    • You are so funny – I’m laughing out loud! Synchronised weeing in the snow. I bet they’d take it so seriously too. Loads of pre-season training.
      Love The Fairy 🐾


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