143. NHS Delivers Outstanding Care To Ailing Greyhound – by Chicken


Poorly foot Monty 

I has founded the National Hound Service to looks after poorly Monty. He did go to the vets and she did say that he had arthritis in his left wrist. She did give him some big medicine and did say he had to rest properly and then I did also say that he had to rest and that I would all look after him.

The Fairy did go to the shoppy shop and did buy me two presents because Monty donty is poorly. She did give me my first present and I did love it because it did squeak. Then on accident she did give Monty my other second present and it was a soft squirrel and it did make a different squeaky noise. I did take it off Monty because I did not all want him to hurt his hurty foot because I does love him.

Then I did tell Monty that I will tell him all about the walking when I go out because he is not allowed to come. Monty did say he was working in his office anyways, so I did say I would help him and he did say no.

Arky and The Fairy did say they does have a plan to help Monty to rest so Monty is all being looked after properly.

Chicken xxx

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2 thoughts on “143. NHS Delivers Outstanding Care To Ailing Greyhound – by Chicken

  1. I get extra snacks when I have a sore paw – which I sometimes get more than is absolutely necessary😀🐾😀🐾. Big get well licks from me Monty xx

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