161. Because She’s Worth It – by Monty

Chicken is convinced that she is a frog. She’s adamant. She is very upset at the situation as she thinks all frogs are ugly wugly pugly.

I was expecting to have an extra hour in bed at the weekend, but Chicken got up at half past four to discuss her lost beauty. As she was incapable of listening to the voice of reason, I decided that the best course of action was to work with her and not against her. So I hatched a plan designed to make her feel beautiful again.

I booked her in to have her hair done. I am so clever.


The ‘Marilyn’

Monty The Great


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4 thoughts on “161. Because She’s Worth It – by Monty

  1. OMG, C. You could NEVER be ugly wugly pugly – not even if you grew a butt on your head and a nose on your butt. Even if you turned into a frog, your gorgeousness would shine through the frogginess. The wig and pearls pale compared to your beauty. But keep them. They’re a nice change of pace!

    Love and licks,

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  2. As a blondie myself I am loving the Marilyn look – mum says I have faded a bit and am now more ash than strawberry. Have refused to wear the orange leg warmers mum bought me – a fashion faux par even for me…..😀🐾😀🐾😀🐾

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