162. Greyhounds Drugged – by Monty

The lashed few days hash been a blur. I hash attempted to contasht PC Dave at the Shtation, but can’t use the phone. I hash been drugged, and to make shmatters worse, there’s loadsh of fireworks. Which ish the short of time that I need all my faculshies.

The Fairy shes itsh for my own good, but itsh not. Shicken hash alsho been drugged. I know thish, because she’s shtanding shtill.

I’m sho shpaced out, that I don’t care about the fireworks. They’ve been going offsh for daysh. Shicken ish shtill shtanding shtill.


Montshy hahahahahaha

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2 thoughts on “162. Greyhounds Drugged – by Monty

  1. Oh no! Poor kids. Are you afraid of the fireworks? Is that why they drugged you?? Best to sleep it off till the noise goes away. Nighty-night.

    Love and licks,

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    • Me afraid? Never! Afraid of noises? Fireworks? Me? What fireworks? There’s fireworks? I just have to go and do something………
      Monty 🐾


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