184. La Chupacabra Photographed

Experts are devided about the authenticity of the latest reported  La Chupacabre sighting.


La Chupacabra?

Doubts surfaced after it was revealed that the two unidentified creatures were captured on film in a suburban garden in England.

“It is a little off the beaten track for La Chupacabra,” said one investigator, “but we are willing to remain open-minded.”


Typical wild eyes and vicious claws.

Stay alert people. Stay alive.

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4 thoughts on “184. La Chupacabra Photographed

  1. Mum thought it was a dance until I told her it was a big scary vampiry monster – so we are staying in for a bit in case it’s on it’s way to norfolk…….😱😱😱😱

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  2. Yup. That’s him! Both of you should get under the bed and stay there. Unless you feel like taking a run around the track….. Wait. What?

    Love and licks,

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    • I am under the table. I am co-ordinating the search for the creature from there. I’m worried that if I go outside, I might frighten it. 🤥
      Monty 🐾


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