200. Sad Monty – by Chicken

My poor bum bum Monty is all not happy because he is sad. He did find out that we is all not the Prime Ministers and I did say he did need to find out which Minister didn’t put the Greyhounds Is In Charge Party on the bit of paper which people got to tick, and then he should chase him around the field.

Monty did say he would look into it but he did say it in a sad voice. I did make him feel better yesterday by running fasterer than him around my racey track but today we has to stay in again for the rest of the day today because the hotty hot sun is back.

I is all going to do shouting at him later to see if that does cheer him up. Sad Monty bum bum.


My sad Monty 

Chicken xxx

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4 thoughts on “200. Sad Monty – by Chicken

  1. Don’t be sad Monty. Mum says Theresa May or May not may need to go to the country again soon so there will be another opportunity. I love the country – it’s full of little tea shops. I nearly ate a very small dog this morning when it ran up to me – I thought it was my mid morning snack. Even though I am nearly 11 I am as quick as a very quick thing. Salty wags to you and chicken xxx

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    • I did tell Monty about the big mid morning little dog snack and it did make him smile. 😁 He did say it would be nice to go to the country as long as it wasn’t noisy.
      Chicken 🐾


  2. What is up with all this sadness, M? Don’t lose hope. Good luck with Chicken making lots of noise later. I hope that cheers you up, but I am afraid it will just give you a big headache!

    Love and licks,

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