All By My Alone – By Chicken

I love my big bum Monty donty ponty poo head but he has all left me by my alone self. He did get sick all of a suddenly last year and did go to the big horsepit but then he didn’t all come home. I waited by standing looking at the door for weeks and ages and ages but Monty didn’t come through the door ever again.

Monty The Great

My tail could not do wagging anymore and one day I did see Monty again and my tail did wagging but it was a black Labra doorstep and he was not Monty so he was stupid. I has friends when I go walking on Rabbit Hill and they is all friendly to me but they is not Monty so they is all stupid as well.

I am sad.

The Fairy is sad.

Everybody is sad.

My big bum Monty donty ponty poo head has left me by my alone self and I am sad.

Chicken 💔💔💔

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14 thoughts on “All By My Alone – By Chicken

  1. huxleybean

    I am so sorry you and the fairy are all alone. Sending all our love, Kate and Huxley.

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  2. Anonymous

    We are also very sad Chicken and understand how lonely you must all be feeling. We loved reading about your adventures with Monty the Great but we look forward to hearing more from you in future earn you are less sad


  3. I lost the best beloved daisydog in January so know your pain. They are always in our pockets wherever we go. Miss Tuppence is now trying to fill Daisydogs paws – see her blog
    We send special love to chicken – the love goes on xxx

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    • I saw that beautiful Daisydog had crossed the bridge and am really sad about it. I have found Miss Tuppence’s blog so we are now following her. She’s a stunner. ❤️


  4. Oh, Chicken! That is the saddest news ever. All of us loved Monty along with you. We are sorry that you are left alone and that your gorgeous tail is not wagging anymore. Monty is watching over you and your family and whenever he feels the time is right, he will send another friend to keep you company and make your tail happy again. The Fairy will know when it’s time. Meanwhile, Mom and I will say prayers for you and your family to heal. Hang in there, sweetie. We love you.

    Love and licks,

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  5. Anonymous

    I am so sorry that you and fairy are all alone, my thoughts are with you. ❤️

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  6. Monica & Ian.

    Oh Chicken. That is so sad. You must miss your Monty an awful lot. But it means you have to be the big brave one now and look after Fairy. Our Sasha went over the rainbow bridge too and Mr Stubby was so sad he howled and we had to get Holly-Bobs to come and move in. Maybe you could be boss dog sometime. Take care Chicken and your Fairy x

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    • Thank you. I’m so sorry about Sasha. It’s so hard to see the other ones being sad but I hope things are getting better for you. ❤️


  7. Jan

    I’m so sorry to hear this Chicken, love you and Monty so much. Your antics always made me smile. We’ve lost several over the years and it never gets easier, but you have the beautiful Fairy to look after and I’m sure you’ll be there for each other. I look forward to your posts and wish they were in book form!
    Take care. Sending lots of love and massive hugs xxxxx🥰🥰🤗

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