11. Teachering Monty – by Chicken

BOOM BOOM! Chicky chicky!

I is loving, loving, loving big hunky Monty. He did try to steal my toys to start with but I has teachered him not to and then I teachered him how to play and we is having loads of fun now. Sometimes he is too sleepy but I help him to wake up by barking and barking and barking. He is loving this and it works because he is now playing when I tell him to.

Yesterday Big Rabbit came to be in my house and she investigated my toy bag but didn’t steal any so we all did not shout at each other. Monty showed me how to get the lovely food from the big table but The Fairy and The Grandparents was too much in the way. He is special good at finding the food that The Fairy has forgotten to put in our dishes. He found bread in a bag and we did take it to the living room and open it all.

I did also teacher him to bark which he didn’t do before. He is good learner and has big, macho voice. He is so big and strong and he is the bestest boyfriend ever. We went to the big seaside today and he did look after me all the way. Chicky chick lovely Monty.


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