28. Chicken’s trench – by Chicken

BOOM! BOOM! Chicky, Chicky.

Chicky, chicky, BOOM! BOOM!

How clever I is with digging. Today in the morning I did go out and in secret did try to dig a bit more for lovely Monty in his tunnel. It was difficult impossible to digger it though because he has all decided to use it to keep his weeing ball in! Who keeps a footyball in a hole nowadays? I did all at first try to dig up around it and then it was too hard so I thought, get lost Monty Bum, and dig it yourself.

Then I myself had the bestest ever best idea and did decide to dig my own hole which is betterer than his. I did start it on my own and then nosey Monty did come near me and I did tell him to go away with barking and barking because it is MINE.

And then The Fairy did loudly tell me how goody my hole is. The Fairy is always talking talking but when something is really best, she shouts all big and this is how I know that my digging hole is the bestest.

She did shout for too long today this morning, so I had to stop doing the important digging and go to tell her, “I’m not deaf.” The Fairy said I had done enough digging already but she is not clever so she did use the wrong word and say ‘damage’ all by accident.

Chicken xxx


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