46. Ugly Cats Is Back – by Chicken

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Chicky, Chicky, BOOM! BOOM!


Pretty Chicken BOOM! BOOM!

Ugly Cats is after me agains! The other day at the night he was all sitting on my fence so I did all run to get him offs. He looked at me all nasty and did then run aways. Monty did not all help because he could not see Ugly Cats again. He does not believe me when I tells him that the cats are getting me, and is more interested in all chasing the birdies.

When we went for a walks today we did see three cats. One of them has been following me for days but Monty says they is just out walkings. I knows they is watching where we all go for our walks so they can steal my toys when I is not in my house. This is all not allowed.


Monty checking for old stitches 

Monty was all up early in the morning today and did go into the ice garden to check for birdies and poison. He is all thicky and doesn’t know he got exploded by eating the full cake all by himself alone. He all kept saying he had to keep the old stitches out the garden so I do think he is all still poorly.


Or extra thicky today.


Grandma and Grandad has all got a new pet instead of Big Rabbit. The new one sounds like Big Rabbit, acts like Big Rabbit and smellses like Big Rabbit, but it has no fur. Monty did say that it was the same Big Rabbit and she has been to the big hairdresser, but I did say if she’s just had her hair cut off, where is it? When my hair all comes off I keeps it all over my house.


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