52. Phase 1 of the Mud Head Project Is Under Way – by Monty

Today I started Phase 1 of my Mud Head Project. A project will always be successful if the appropriate PPP has been carried out. PPP = Prior Preparation and Planning. My first job was to decide where to build my first mud head (I intend there to be three in total), and then mark this out in some way.

My first thought was to mark the spot with one of our toys, but Chicken took a dislike to this suggestion on the grounds that she didn’t want her toys being left out alone in case they were stolen by Ugly Cat. I then put forward the idea that she could stand on the spot until I was ready to start Phase 2. This was rejected due to the fact that it would necessitate her being on her own and separated from The Fairy.


Awaiting inspection 

I could not find anything appropriate with which to mark the spot as, for some reason, The Fairy has put every single useful thing in the whole house out of my reach. I really do not understand how her mind works sometimes. How does she expect me to operate efficiently without the right equipment?

My military training had taught me that in an emergency, use what you already have. The only thing that came to mind which was already present in the garden, was the consequences of the illegal fracking. The root system of the grass had already been weakened by the vibrations, so I decided to use this to my advantage. Churning up the weakened grass was incredibly easy, and we managed to draw a boundary around the proposed site for the mud head. It’s not as clear as I would have hoped, but I think with a little more work, the grass will be completely gone in no time.

Phase 2 will involve building up a basic mound of mud before any sculpture can take place. The consistency needs to be absolutely right or it will collapse with the first sign of rain. In order to check its credentials, we brought some of the mud into the house to examine later. Luckily, The Fairy had only just vacuumed the carpet, so there was a nice un-contaminated area to put it on.

Here is the footage of us marking out the boundary:


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