53. Monty Bum Bum Been In A Bag – by Chicken

Lasts night in the dark we did go for a walks in the night time. When we did gets to the end of my street, Ugly Cats was there all staring at me! Monty did go all brave and did stand in front of me to look after me. He is so big and brave. I did all decide to marry him again.

On the walks we did see five cats and I did tell Monty that Ugly Cats’ gang was following us, but he said they was all just outs socialising. I did checks the big garden before going to sleep and Ugly Cats was not there.

Today this morning it was all wet rainy and we got all coldy walking at the big ocean. We did walk in all the puddles and did not stop to sniffs at all the smellses because we wanted to get back in the dry car. I did see loads of ducks and they did say it was lovely weather and I did say get lost.


Opening the higher stinks

When we got home it was still wet rainy and we did see a strange animal all tiny, hiding under the car next door. We did go to look and clever Monty did know it was a froggy and then did show me how they walk by doing jumping jumps. Then we did go inside and he was all still excited and did go and find a bag in the big room. Monty is never leaving a bag alone and always goes in the bag and takeses things out. Monty did do this with the bag that he found, and then The Fairy did find Monty and then she did find the bag and then she did shout loudly to all tell Monty that he is gooder at going in bags. She did say in the bag was the new higher stinks and Monty did say it was good job he did all destroy them, because nobody likes a higher stink in their house.

Monty Bum Bum is so cleverer.


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