54. Leaving Your Rope – by Chicken

It is all summertime today so we did eats our breakfast in the big garden in the sunny shine. After breakfast I did want Monty to play with me but he said he had to all watch a polly ticks show on TV about staying in or leaving Your Rope. I did say that I didn’t want his rope because my rope was all betterer, and he did say that Your Rope was the place where we is, and not rope at all. Which is silly.

I does not understand why we are decidering whether to leave or not because I does like the place where we live. Monty did say that we will know in June ifs we has to leave. I did asks where would we go ifs we has to leave, and Monty did say he has already thought about that. He is always thinking cleverer things.

Monty says ifs we go north it will be all coldy, but ifs we moved to the side of New Zealand the weather might be all nearly the same. I did say we should go somewhere warmer and he did say we could go to the States of the United Americans because it is warmer and they all have loads of goody food.

I did want to stay in my house though, and Monty said we will move the whole of Britain so we can all stay here but be at the other side of the world as well. Then he did say that he would spend some time all looking at the atlas to check for alternative places, and ifs we has to leave Your Rope he will already have a “list of possible locations to discuss with Simon at the DECC.

I did say that I would help him and we all started looking but then Post Patty did come and Monty did stop looking so he could all go and open the box.


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