62. Easter Bunny – by Chicken


The start of my new betterer trench

Monty did say that I all wasn’t allowed to dig in my gooder trench anymore and then he did all get grumpy about it, and stayed near it so I all couldn’t do it. But I is knowing what smelly bum Monty is like, so I did wait for him to get bored and walk aways. I then did go and start a new brand new trench so I did not dig in my old gooder trench, so Monty can’t all get shouty. My new gooder trench is going to be all betterer than my first one.

Today in the afternoon The Fairy did go food shoppering and when she came back Monty did check the bags for cake. He did tell me that people buy extra goody food at Easter and then he did tell me all about the Easter Bunny. I did say that I all wanted to eat the Easter Bunny but he did say I wasn’t allowed. Monty says everything is not allowed!

Monty said the Easter Bunny brings Easter heads made out of choccy chocolate and if I eats the Easter Bunny all the tiny people will cry, because then Bunny won’t be able to bring their heads. He says he is expectoring one as well, and I is not to ‘jeopardise the delivery’ of his choccy head.

The Fairy did say me and Monty is all not eatering any chocolate, so Monty isn’t getting his chocolate head anyway, which means I can eats the Easter Bunny. The Fairy then did say that she wouldn’t let me eats up the Easter Bunny either, but this is all not fair because I don’t gets to eat choccy or the Bunny.

I all did say I would just catch it and keep it as a new toy. So I win.



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