61. Hill Training – by Monty


Sprint training

When I woke up yesterday I knew instinctively that something was amiss but couldn’t quite put my finger on it. It was not until Chicken and The Fairy went out into the garden to check the snail house that I could see what the problem was. The Fairy now has purple hair. There is some debate about a dog’s ability to see in colour, but it’s definitely purple. I do not respond well when a member of my unit is attacked, and as soon as I find out who did it, I will make sure they are incapable of inflicting this type of injury on anyone else ever again.


Chicken digging her own trench

With regards to training, I decided to take my unit out to improve the overall fitness level and stamina. Chicken gives me no cause for concern but The Fairy is proving to be the weakest link. The first activity I embarked upon was hill training. I tried to keep up a brisk pace and Chicken coped admirably, but The Fairy moaned and complained all the way to the top. This gives me great cause for concern as the annual fitness test is coming up and I refuse to have one of my company fail. She has a lot of work to do.


Guard duty

Upon our return, I conducted a short sprinting exercise which we all enjoyed. Chicken then spoilt my whole day by insisting on digging out her so called trench. I thought she had forgotten about it but she returned to it time and time again. I tried to tell her that Bob at the Council had not given her planning permission but she said she didn’t care. I had to stay on guard duty nearly the whole day to prevent her causing further damage.

I have invited Dave from the Station over at the weekend, and I do not want him to:

  1. Think that I cannot control the members of my unit.
  2. See a great big galloping trench in the garden which could be used for conducting some kind of anti-social behaviour.


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