82. I Just Doesn’t Know What To Wear – by Chicken

All over the last few days yesterday, we did have every big weather in the days. First it was all sunny sunshine and then we did have a strange big wind and then when we was walkering we did get hit by hail stones. We has had on our thin coats, our warm coats, our big coats and we has also been out in the rudy nudy. Yesterday in the morning it was warm but then it did a big change when we was all outside. It was all proper snowing by the time we got backs to the house and I did say it was like Christmas and where was my present?

Monty did then all go like a teacher, teachering me about dates. I did say that I wasn’t interested in the ‘Gregorian, Western or Christian calendar which is most widely used’ and I just wanted my Christmas present. Monty did say I was unreasonable expectoring Father Christmas to bring me presents in April and that it would all ruin Father Christmas’ reputation if he suddenly bringed me a present at the beginnering of summer. He also did say Father Christmas might all have problems with the National Union of Elves, so I did say get lost.

It was all sunny sunshine again laters, so I did go outs into the garden. Ugly Cats did come onto the big fence and I did do jumpy jumps to catch him. He did all jump onto the shed next door and then did ask why I was all angry. I did tell him about all not getting a present and then I did say that Ugly Cats wasn’t allowed to follow us anymore on our walks. He did say that he was only helpering us and he was betterer at patrols than us. Big Monty did all hear this so he did runned out into the garden all big and strong and Ugly Cats did say we was really rude and then he runned away.

We did racing around the mud garden for ages because we was all excited, and then we did have tea and go to sleepy sleep. Today it is all raining so Monty can’t all go for a wee. The Fairy did say she would all put his big coat on him before he blows up. BOOM! BOOM!

Chicken xxx

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2 thoughts on “82. I Just Doesn’t Know What To Wear – by Chicken

  1. Getting beaned in the head with hailstones does not sound like fun, C. I used to be afraid of the rain, so Mom bought me a raincoat. Then I was afraid of the raincoat! She says I should toughen up. That’s not how I roll. Has she ever met me??

    Love and licks,

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    • Cupcake do nots ruin your beautiful clothes by getting them all wet! When it rains next time curl up somewhere warm and dry with your teddies like me and Monty does.
      Love Chicken 🐾


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