107. I Am Office Alley Enraged – by Chicken

Yesterday in the day we did all go to vote and me and Monty did burst into the votering hut and frighten the lady and man, and then Monty did change his mind and did drag us outside again. The Fairy tried to makes him go inside again but he did say there was something important outside that he had to inspect. Two lovely ladies did stand with him outside and me and The Fairy did go back in to do the voting. When I did wake up this morning, Monty did all tell me that we is leaving Your Rope.


My enragement collar

I did say straight away that we had to go shoppering because I did need a bikini for when Britain moves to Panama, but Monty did say that we hadn’t decidered where to go because he hadn’t spoken to the government yet. But he did say that he had all asked The Fairy to buy a present for me from him, and I did get all excited.

The Fairy did just get back and I has got the bestest ever brand new collar! It is a special enragement collar from my Monty because it all has real loads of diamonds on it. Monty did get himself one as well and I did think that everybody will now all know that I am his fancy. I did jumps and running in the garden and then did sit with Monty on the settee. Today I is office alley enraged, and office alley happy happy.

I all does love my lovely, bubbly Monty bum bum!


Me and my Monty 

Happy Chicken xxx

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4 thoughts on “107. I Am Office Alley Enraged – by Chicken

  1. I am loving your enragement collar and intend to show Ted at the earliest opportunity. Mum says to ask about a double wedding which is like double maths but nicer. Xx

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    • Oooooh that is all the bestest idea ever! We can all gets married on the beach and then have lovely cake in the garden. Your mum is so cleverer.
      Love Chicken 🐾


  2. Yay, C. Much happiness and many congratulations on your enragement. Your diamonds are stunning and also fancy. You two are wicked-perfect together.

    Love and licks,

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    • Thanks you Cupcake! Today I is feeling extra happy and extra pretty and extra lucky. Monty is all being extra cool and is sleeping again.
      Love Chicken 🐾


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