136. The Limpets Marathon – by Chicken

On the tellybox in the week ago, we did see the big race at the Limpets. Everybody did miss the bus so they all did have to run 26 miles to get to the finish line. Monty did say this was supposed to happen, and it was called the marathon. Then he did all gibber on about the history of the race and he did talking about a place and a battle and I did go to look for hedgehogs in the garden.


Starting the marathon 

Then The Fairy did decide to do a marathon but not the running bit, because she is not as fitty fit fit as me and Monty. Arky did come with his camera and when we got there we did have to stop to look at nothing for ages. I was bored. Then we did see big ugly fluffy things with skinny greyhound legs who was all staring at us meanly, but me and Monty did ignoring because they wasn’t proper greyhounds. Monty did say they were sheep and I did say they were smelly.


What view?

We did walkering for big ages and we did all start to slow down. There was loads of too much wind near the end so we did want to get back in the safety car. When we did get home we had yummy yummy food because it was biggerer dinner day, and then me and Monty did fall asleep and do big sleeping because we had all done the Limpets marathon.

Then after this later I did want to go for another walks because I is higher active and The Fairy did say I was like a rechargeable batteries, but I did say I just wanted to go for another walks. Monty was all tired so he did pretending to be asleep so I did help him wake up by kicking him. Then he did get up and come with us.

Chicken xxx

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4 thoughts on “136. The Limpets Marathon – by Chicken

  1. That was a lot of big, important walking. Sheep are not supposed to be in a marathon, plus I think it is rude to be smelly. You are a good pal to kick sleepyhead Monty so he didn’t miss out on any of the fun.

    Love and licks,

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  2. I only like one walk a day – mum tries very hard to get me to do two but mostly I am reading ‘the Highway Code’ and practising reversing. What a lovely view – you are lucky Chicken to have a mum who takes you to fab places. Xx

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    • I loves going for big walks, but Monty likes short walks. He does also say that I should read the Highway Code like you because it will make everyone else safer!
      Love Chicken 🐾


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