138. Instant Karma’s Gonna Get You – by Monty

As you know, The Fairy and I have very different views regarding wildlife in the garden. I particularly disagree with the encouraging of wildlife by providing food policy which The Fairy insists on implementing. In all cases except the dried mealworms, either Chicken or I remove any such food as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Last night, Chicken beat me to the hedgehog’s peanut butter, after I specifically told her to leave it to me.

As John Lennon once said:

Instant Karma’s gonna get you. 

Gonna knock you right on the roof of your mouth.


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8 thoughts on “138. Instant Karma’s Gonna Get You – by Monty

  1. Food is such a catalyst for memory – Daisydog was fed peanut butter sandwiches at her rehoming kennels to build her up. Four years on she is now fully built up plus a bit extra. We are forever grateful to the peanut butter makers. Xxx

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  2. Oh yeah. Peanut butter will do that to ya. *slurpslurp*

    Love and licks,

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  3. She is spot on 30 kilos now, about 6 more than four years ago when she adopted me. Auntie Ruth is a big fan of peanut butter sandwiches. X

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    • Wow, that’s a big difference. She’s a lucky girl to have you looking after her, and she does so many interesting things. It’s a good life!
      Love Tess 🐾

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  4. I duz hexersize me tung like thats when me treets duz getz stuk in the side of me mouth. I woz savin it for later but mommy duz take it out. Any foodies is fair game I duz fink Monty. Nice one Paddy xx

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  5. Chicken’s tongue gets enough exercise! I’m sorry to hear that your snack hiding place has been discovered Paddy, but at least you are still getting treats to enjoy. I fully agree that ALL food is fair game. Great minds think alike, as they say.
    Monty 🐾


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