149. Questions Arise Over Integrity Of The Watch


Amid rumours of internal conflict, backbiting and weak leadership, a newly formed vigilante group is today reeling from a fresh scandal involving the group’s Public Relations Officer.

The Watch, which is the first known official collaboration of its kind between cats and dogs, was rocked by controversy only days into its existence, when the group’s leader inexplicably withdrew from public view. Whilst an insider insisted that he was fully engaged in talks, others within the organisation expressed their dissatisfaction at his apparent lack of operational activity.

To add to the leader’s woes, one of his closest advisers has now been implicated in a scandal involving men’s unmentionables. Secret filming provided by an undisclosed source, appears to show the Public Relations Officer openly staring at these unmentionables, bringing the organisation’s moral standards into question.

When asked to comment on the footage, the PRO claimed that she was simply on guard duty, and was not aware at the time of any unmentionables being present. She added, “Bum, bum, bum, bum,” before springing off into the distance, in pursuit of what she insisted were pink hedgehogs.

It remains to be seen whether The Watch can survive this latest allegation, or whether the group will split into its two very different, cat and dog camps.

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2 thoughts on “149. Questions Arise Over Integrity Of The Watch

  1. Mum says I must not comment on the unmentionables – so I won’t. Daisydog xxx🐾

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