148. Trials And Tribulations – by Monty

After being subjected to seven days of bed rest, I was extremely excited about going out again. So you can imagine my annoyance at being told that it was then too hot to go out. After a further two days, we eventually made it out to the woods.

The pre-approved plan was to walk 20 minutes out, and 20 minutes back. The first stage went well, but the second stage degenerated into aimless wandering and back-tracking, covering a period of approximately 40 minutes. Not only was I subjected to a change of plan, I also had to endure one of the most severe downpours that I have ever experienced.

I do not do changes of plans, and I do not do rain. Which bit of this is difficult to understand?

In addition to these tribulations, I have also learnt from Grey Cat that the fox has been causing some trouble for The Watch. It somehow caught wind of our operations, and has made several attempts at a smear campaign, designed to discredit our integrity.

I am not particularly worried about this, as all our members are of the highest calibre, and would never behave in a manner unbecoming of those under my command.


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2 thoughts on “148. Trials And Tribulations – by Monty

  1. The only good thing about rain Monty is that I get to wear psychedelic raincoats in lovely purple swirls. But i guess that would be a no from youπŸΎπŸ˜€πŸΎπŸ˜€πŸΎ

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    • I’m sure you look beautiful in your raincoats Daisy. I don’t mind the coats – it’s the rain bit that I object to!🌧🌧🌧😑
      Monty 🐾


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