147. If Only You Could See What I See – by Monty


Waiting for the ban to be lifted

There’s a pink hedgehog in my garden. It’s a hedgehog, and it’s pink. I have put in a request for night vision goggles.

Chicken intimated that I was seeing things, but The Fairy was with me and she also saw it. My pink hedgehog.

I am now back in the house but The Fairy has said that I can go out soon because my foot is better and the seven day ban on having fun of any kind is over.


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4 thoughts on “147. If Only You Could See What I See – by Monty

  1. Sometimes drunk humans see pink elephants. Are you drunk, Monty??

    Love and licks,

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  2. I have a pink sparkly hedgehog that auntie Linda and uncle Paul bought me for Christmas. I am very fond of it. 😀🐾😀🐾

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