146. Press Release 2 – by Chicken


The foxy fox is still all on the estate and the little animals is all still worried because Monty McDonty is not doing any plans with  Ugly Face Cats, because he is not allowed out.

Monty McDonty is sad and annoyed when he doesn’t all go for walks, and he doesn’t all want anyone to know that he is not doing the patrols. He did say it was bad for more arm.

I did say it was bad for his arm as well. BOOM! BOOM!

He is beginnering to mutter to himself and does spend too much time in his office. I did try to keep his more arm up by telling him that I was bestest at catching foxes anyways, so I could all do the job, but this just made him worse.

I does think that he is suffering from cabin fever, but he did say he was not hotty hot, and that he didn’t all live in a cabin. Then he did go to talks to the tomatoes.

By Stand-Still-Chicken 

Public Relations Officer 

The Neighbours Hooded Wildlife Animal Fox Watch

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4 thoughts on “146. Press Release 2 – by Chicken

  1. Watching for a fox from the “office” must be very frustrating! Get better soon, M. xoxo

    Love and licks,

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  2. Am certain Chicken can sort out Mr Fox. Delegate Monty, delegate😀🐾😀🐾😀🐾 – and ask for bacon sarnies cos it’s Sunday. Xx

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