150. List Of Unfavourable Things – by Monty

  1. Dog food
  2. Loud noises
  3. Medium noises
  4. Quiet noises
  5. Noises of any description
  6. Rain
  7. Pigeons
  8. Gravel
  9. Vets – even the ones who are lovely and take care of me
  10. Chicken wanting to play with me when I’m tired/busy which invariably results in a lot of barking
  11. Chicken copying me
  12. Doors
  13. Human celebrations which require fireworks
  14. People vacuuming my office
  15. While I’m still in it
  16. Insubordination
  17. Cats who think they are better than me
  18. Portable green security fencing
  19. Unnecessary bureaucracy including the need for planning permission
  20. Nail clipping
  21. Any change of routine
  22. Any form of operating outside of agreed procedure
  23. Being forced into the garden when it’s cold
  24. Being forced to leave Big Ted at home when we go out in the car
  25. And interestingly – pork scratchings

All of the above items, with the possible exception of 9 and 20, are totally unnecessary in my opinion. I have to prepare myself now, as we are going on a special trip out in the car.


Big Ted and Big Monty 



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2 thoughts on “150. List Of Unfavourable Things – by Monty

  1. Big Ted should never be left behind EVER. He is way too cuddly to be alone. So are you, M. No wonder Chicken copies you and loves you. #thesnuggleisreal xoxo

    Love and licks,

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    • I know Cupcake, I know. Sometimes it is really hard work being as adorable as I am. I can see why Chicken loves me so much.
      Monty 🐾
      I does love him because he is not CONCEITED. Big head Monty.
      Chicken 🐾


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