177. Get Lost – by Chicken

Early in today’s morning I did go out for a walks and I was Miss Chicken. Then I did meets Ugly Cats and he did say he was all upset that he hadn’t been invited to my house for the special event.

So I did say he was not all coming to my wedding because he does look at me all mean and he does want to come in my garden and steal my toys. Then he did say he didn’t even ever know about my wedding and that he was all talking about Rudolf’s visit that Monty had arranged for my big surprise.

Then I did try to eats him.

Then I did go home and did kick Monty in the head and I did say to him get lost.

Then I did get married.

To my lovely crunchy gingerbread snowman new Christmas toy because I does love him more than I does love Monty and Monty is in the dog house.

Then Monty did all try to be nice to me and I did say …….


Too late Monty. 

Mrs C Gingerbread-Snowman


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6 thoughts on “177. Get Lost – by Chicken

  1. I think the Gingerbread Snowman is a great choice. Soon, Monty will be VERY jealous of that guy…

    Love and licks,


  2. Looking forward to reading your posts in 2017 & seeing your photos…will this be the year I finally get a greyhound??

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    • Ooooh how wonderful if you got one this year! That’s so exciting. Keep looking and the right one might just find you. All the best for 2017.
      Monty, Chicken and Tess 🐾

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  3. Oh – I think I ate my gingerbread man……..😱😱😱Happy New Year to all my chums xxxx

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    • It is OK that you did eats your gingerbread man because everybody does say they taste nice. When you gets your three pet rats you can all not eats them and look after them instead.
      Chicken 🐾

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